OBD2 Diagnostics

OBD2 diagnostic links will be either ISO 9141-2 or KWP2000 up to around 2006 and OBD2 over CANBus on later models, the dates are both market and model specific. These protocols are covered fairly comprehensively on other sites so I won't detail them here. Scan tools are available in two types, those that can read and clear trouble codes and those that can also read live data from the ECU, the later type are obviously a great deal more useful when fault finding. Before purchasing an OBD2 tool I recommend asking for recommendations on the various Suzuki forums, there are known problems with OBD2 tools and Suzuki ECUS. These problems appear to be limited to multi-protocol tools and may be caused by them sending an initialisation sequence using an incorrect protocol before switching to the correct protocol. Unfortunately OBD2 encompasses a number of different protocols and although there are specific requirements for scan tools for each protocol there doesn't seem to be any requirements for a multi-protocol tool.

The OBD2 specification defines 'Parameter IDs' for a number of different functions. The Suzuki ECUs support all the defined PIDs and also have some manufacturer specific PIDs. PIDs up to 1000 are part of the OBD2 standard and are published on many internet sites. Suzuki specific codes are listed below, I cannot guarantee that I have listed all of them.

Suzuki specific PID descriptions:
MAP Sensor circuit malfunction
Barometric Sensor circuit malfunction
MAP v Barometric Sensor discrepancy when cranking
Starter signal circuit malfunction
ECU back up supply failure
4wd Low switch circuit
ECU code not registered
No code transmitted from immobiliser
ECM Fault
ECU Code no matched

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