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EFI pages

Autoshop101 - Automotive Tutorials
D-Jetronic - Comprehensive analysis of Bosch's D-Jetronic system - OBD and OBDII code and info - OBDII protocol info - OBDII information and components - OBDII Faultcodes

Service Manuals

Suzuki Info Manuals, technical data etc.. - Suzuki technical information and manuals.

Useful Datasheets

Semiconductor Manufacturers

Texas Instruments
ST Micro
Philips Semiconductors
International Rectifier
FTDI - USB Interfaces


A guide to PCB track widths
PCB Design Information
PCB Design For Assembly
Thermistor Information
Info on fasteners and stuff

The DIN 72552 Standard - What those numbers on automotive electrics (ie Relays) mean
Automotive Design Resources
Gasoline FAQ - all about petrol/gasoline
Car Bibles - various automotive related information pages
DIY Narrow Band O2 Sensor
DIY Wide Band O2 Sensor
TechEdge Wide Band O2 Sensor
Society of Auto Engineers
Old Timer Ignition - Very basic ignition system intended for model aircraft
Resistance in igntion systems - 1945 report on the effects of resistor wires and plugs on ignition performance and life - Local Copy here
Diesel tacho - Clever digital tacho derived from alternator windings
Tony Foale Design - Tech Articles from renowned motorcycle chassis designer
PIC based DIS for a Suzuki SJ410
Information on Lucas mechanical fuel injection

Engine Tuning Links:

Engine Simulation Software - Buy the book
Tom Laffey
David Vizard on Camshaft Timing
David Vizard on Rod ratios and Exhausts (some broken links)
David Vizard on Valve Springs
Tech Articles on an M3 site
Some stuff on
Some stuff on
Stahl headers tech pages lots of stuff if you search
Hot Rod magazine on ram tuning - Beware Pop Ups!
Tuning air cooled BMW twins
Gear ratio calculator

Suspension Tuning Links:

Stock car Products
Whiteline Autos
The Ranger Station mainly Ranger specific but some general tech stuff

Brake Tuning Links:
SAE white papers
MP Brakes